Dr L A Scott and Associates

Dr. Louise A. Scott

Ph.D., C. Psych. – Neuropsychologist

Dr. Scott’s background is in neurosciences and she continues to conduct research into children’s recovery from acquired/traumatic brain injury and has more recently added sleep in FASD as an area of interest. As a co-author she has published articles in Brain Injury, Pediatrics and Sleep Medicine. Her interest in FASD began over 35 years ago and she was part of the first 2 community Ontario FASD Teams to be trained in Winnipeg. ¬†As a licensed paediatric neuropsychologist she is on more than one FASD diagnostic Team as well as providing training and assessments within and outside of Ontario, and internationally. Dr. Scott’s private practice has continued to grow to the point where at least 90% of the assessments provided fall under FASD. There is a full Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Team within the practice including Neuropsychology, ¬†Speech Language Pathologist, and Social Work as well as a consultant Paediatrician. Besides her commitment to the Peel, Brant and formerly to the Waterloo & London FASD diagnostic Teams, Dr. Scott has established a very successful training service both nationally and internationally to other FASD emerging and operating teams; Child Protection Services, Parent and community groups.